Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Insecurity is an Evolutionary Force

Has it yet become obvious that dealing with waves of insecurity is natural to human life? 

From one perspective, insecurity is a powerful evolutionary force in a human.  The discomfort of insecurity, used with awareness, forces seeking clarity, stimulates the search for freedom. 

After enough attempts to change physical reality, only to still be faced with more waves of unsettling not-knowing, a larger question looms:  Why are we so awkward with not knowing, not being in control of all of the forces of life?  It's an aspect of fear.  Fear of what?  If we’re going to bother to animate fear, to actively give energy to fear and thoughts of fear, we might as well be crystal clear on what it is we’re indeed afraid of. 

Say you’re afraid there’s a boogey monster in the closet.  Do you know for certain that one is there?  One either is or is not crouched in there.  Why not find out?  If there really is someone lurking in the closet, there are things that can be done.  If it’s just the product of imagination, opening the door and looking is a common sense action to move on and reclaim the wasted energy of pointless worry.

So the question remains, are the fears that are claiming dominion over your personal energy, your creative thinking power, and your freedom rightly justified by circumstances, or simply made up?

Insecurity rightly studied reveals illusion in each and every case.  This doesn’t imply that having insecurity makes one less of a person in any way, shape, or form.  It merely points at the places where one isn’t yet consciously embodying the true Wholeness.

The Saints, Sages, and Siddhas have said, and continue to say in so many ways, “You are Whole, you are complete, you are One with your Creator.  Wake up.  See the Truth.”

Insecurity is gift to let you and I know very precisely where this embodiment of Wholeness needs exacting and focused attention through Living Practices over time to dissolve the attachment to some form of illusion. 

The Truth is Wholeness.  Anything less is made up.  Concerted effort at reconciling this and living it fully is the work of the spiritual path.

All Rights Reserved, Scott Patrick Schwenk 2012