Thursday, March 31, 2011

Returning (POEM)

A spiral staircase,
A cozy nook,
Seeking happiness
In yet another book
Veils come down
A parting of the mists
The Avalon you seek
Always in your midst
The central channel throbs
Inviting you deep within
Dispersing all the din
Find your seat
Ride the breath
Sing the Name
Coursing through your veins
The nameless Name
Wordless Word
Unspeakable Silence
Full Summer Moon
At the trailhead
Of your weathered fingertips
Ride the breath
Find your seat
Sing the Name
Sink and be dissolved
In Her timeless mystery.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  2011  Scott Patrick Schwenk 3/31/11

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Thousand Beatiful Swords (POEM)

A thousand beautiful swords
Gleaming and graced,
How will you wield them
Will you deform your own face?
If your face be near
As well as far
Every stranger a looking glass
To see and heal
All your ancient scars.
A thousand beautiful swords
Full of strength and might
How will you wield them
To ravage another’s sight?
The brother’s eye you seek to
My dear one,
It is your own.
All this world’s
A hall of mirrors
No other faces,
Always your own.
Drink deep this elixir
Contained within my words
Let it reach every sinew
Every fiber
Every nerve,
Let it heal you of your afflictions
Your sorrow and your pain
Your oft regarded memories
So twisted, distorted, stained.
The fable writer lives amongst you
In your very house
Always crafting
Have you feeling less than, scorned.
Drink deep this balm of Gilead
Let it lift your gaze
To the One who is eternal
Birthless, Deathless
Never on display.
These shops and stores
Catering to your tastes
Never quenching deep your seeking
Distractions for your pain.
Drink deep this clean elixir
Shake off your mortal coil
Come alive as Spirit
Amongst your brethren
And their toil.
You hold the light you seek
Dear One,
It’s never in another’s cave
It’s time to see the mirror clearly
Returning, free, unscathed.
There is no battle to be won
No flag that need be raised.
Your Holy Oaths
Serve only to protect you
While walking through illusion
Remembering This Grace.
Put down your weapons Dear One,
Sit tall
Breathe deep
And turn within
All answers of your seeking
Pulse bright along your veins
Be grateful I have told you
These words your soul lays bare.
Your faith is your protection
It’s drumbeat sings your Name.
The trust you hone
Will lead you home
Cleanse all the splinters

Beams and motes
From your downward gaze.
Join me on this journey
Dance o’er the quicksands
Lifted in your stage
You’re ready for this
Great emancipation
You never were a slave.
Freedom lives within you
Dear One,
And long before your grave,
If you choose it deeply
And walk it in my Name.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2011  Scott Patrick Schwenk  3/30/2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ecstatic Dance of Shiva & Shakti: Tantric Meditation Intensive, Saturday, April 2nd, 10am-6pm

Saturday, April 2nd ~ 10am – 6pm, a 1-day Tantric Meditation Intensive
$150 (*$125 if paid in full by Wed, March 30th)

The Ecstatic Dance of Shiva & Shakti ~ Immersing in the Creative Power of the Universe

Shiva and Shakti are names given to aspects of your own Awake Self, they are essential and primal forces that give rise to everything you perceive and everything you don’t perceive.  In the beginning there was One, the One became two...these two are Shiva and Shakti, form and formlessness, everything and nothing, emptiness and fullness, the Great Void and Supreme Love.

 In this 1-day Intensive Retreat, we’ll journey deeper into directly experiencing the space between these two through Tantric Meditation, Ecstatic Breathwork, and Contemplation.

We’ll also work with a specific process for releasing the pulls of the past and future, those unmet needs of the past and wants for a future that pull Awareness from the direct experience of complete, whole, perfection in the Present Moment.

This retreat is about experience over theory.  In the direct experiencing, the questions fall away.

Don’t worry if you’ve never meditated or don’t feel good at it.  You’ll be guided to find and experience your own doorways, doorways that work, to lead you into the places that deep true meditation opens.  This is for all levels of experience, an initiation into the next leg of your journey Home.

Breath Deep. Heart Awake. Body Soft. Attention Clear.

Join Us.

When:   Saturday, April 2nd, 2010
Time:       10:00am –6:00pm

Exchange:   $150.  (***$125 if paid in full by Wed, March 30th)

Where:  1226 Havenhurst Dr. #9
                (Havenhurst is 1 block West of Crescent Heights between Santa Monica Blvd and Fountain Ave)

Parking:    Since this is a daytime workshop on a Saturday, you may be able to find spots in the neighborhood.  No permits are needed until 7pm. There’s also the West Hollywood City Lot just South of Santa Monica Blvd behind Out Of The Closet between Havenhurst and La Jolla.  The City Lot is $1 per hour in quarters and you can park there for up to 10 hours.

48hrs cancellation by phone for this workshop. (310) 922-4890

BRING:      A folded blanket and/or yoga mat to lay on for the breathing meditation, eye pillow if you have one, Journal & Pen, any cushions for sitting on, water, and a smile!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Maya's Weave (POEM)

Rolling dice
In Maya’s weave
A cinematic
Chutes and Ladders,
Snakes and Ladders,
A rose by any other name,
She’ll meet you
Where you are
A perfect match
To occupy and
As long as there is
A drive
A need
A thirst.
Yearning for more
Settling for less
Debting and debting and
He forgets;
The light of a thousand Suns,
Endless Grace,
The True Face.
After countless
Climbs and slides
Some ancient
Memory arrives
Nudging you Alive.
She chides.
And vanishes once more,
Obscured by mind’s
Incessant absorption
On the surface of things.
Until you see
It’s you,
You see…
These infinite particles of light
Through words and
Meanings lost and
Excitedly found.
Left behind
Shrapnel of trembling hands
Extensions of a Heart
Still questioning
As the tsunami of compassion
Breaks up the fascia
From centuries lived like Narcissus
Bent over
Fixated on the meaning in reflections,
Shocked awake…
Back to the
The trailhead
At the Center.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  2011  Scott Patrick Schwenk 3/20/11

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inviting Abundance

I just had an epiphany in the bathroom.  Why so many of my 'a ha' moments happen there is still a mystery told only to the toothbrush by the razor in the dark of night while my breath is subtle in the warmth of my bed.  Nonetheless, a lightning bolt around abundance.

I've heard over the years that to have more flow, you must put more in flow.  I'm speaking primarily of money at the moment, and generally about any form of Grace that reveals through objects, food, needs met, money, love, and so much more.

All of these manifestations are made of the same stuff as Consciousness.  In this great big bank account of the Universe, it's loud and clear this morning that the branch manager doesn't see any difference between love, money, or CREATIVITY.  Output is output.  Giving is giving.  Expressing is expressing, and expressing is giving and output, and these are means of being in fluid exchange with the Universe.

There's a particular outlay of cash coming up that I've been secretly worried about.  There, I said it, worried.  Yes, I can be a closet worrier.  This probably comes as no great shock to anyone who knows me well.  They're just kind enough not to bring it up in conversation too often.  I'm laughing out loud here as I write this.  The chuckling is the irony that my ego would really earnestly try convincing me that I'm the only closet-worrier, when I know for a fact that this plague is flung far into the four directions of the globe.  It's a human thing.  It's a control thing.  Or rather a fear of no-control thing where the threat seems real, the threat of great loss in the face of no control.  Outcome?  Worrying.  Needless, pointless, fruitless frittering, twittering, and worrying.

Creative output in any and every form is a giving.  This is recognized by the Universe as a part of circulation; participating in flow.  And it responds in kind by sending flow back around to the giver.  This flow can come in any number of ways, and noticing and acknowledging the return is as valuable to being in flow as the initial giving.  As I write this, I feel lifted up, I feel energized.  These are some of the immediate ways I'm being given to, exchanged with, and part of the Divine Circulation.

I could've easily kept on shaving, enjoyed the initial 'Eureka!' thought and intended to write something about it later.  Something nudged me to sit down now and do it.  This is another form of giving from the Flow.  Sitting down to write it is me giving back, acknowledging and showing gratitude.  Posting it on the blog is circulating the wealth with anyone who reads it.  From there, someone may re-post it, have their own epiphanies, circulate some or all of this energy flow into their circles.  It keeps moving.  It's a Divine Commerce.

I feel abundant.  And I am.  Again and again, I come back to that line in the Yoga Vasistha, "The world is as you see it."  What I focus on, I experience.  It's so simple, I need to remind myself of it to keep it fresh and active.

Have an AWESOME day wherever you are!

Evolution On The Head Of A Pin (Poem)

Evolution on the head of a pin,
Will it affect the world
With all of its spin
Racing up the spiral
To some imagined
Release from the chaos and grief of
An all-too temporary dance
On the head of this pin.
Let loose the hem,
Unstitch the control,
And let out the jib to
Catch this mighty wind
Whose only tack to
Lift my eye above to
See the vastness with which
I surround and hold
This swirling kaleidoscope
Formerly known as
The head of a pin.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2011  Scott Patrick Schwenk  3/17/11

Monday, March 14, 2011

Can It Be Any Simpler (Poem)

Elegantly unfolding
Indwelt effusion
In, through, and
As my Heart.
Your Infinite Smile
A radiance
Releasing all gravities.
Floating anchored
Untethered and fully yoked.
Is this your Grace or mine?
Our face has no name.
Can it be any simpler?

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2011 Scott Patrick Schwenk 3/14/11

Sunday, March 6, 2011


As I reach inward for the throttle of the poet
A boy of many ages
Stands at the foot of well-tred stairs to
An attic suite of rooms
Split into one 
On this side of the veil of imagination,
A bedroom his father
Shot up from curious 8-year-old
Into decades marked by
Their vast difference;
From Vietnam War era Atheist Airforceman
In all that Thailand could offer a young man,
Life raging through his veins
To the Baptist would-be minister
If not for the mark of one divorce.
Standing even taller at this golden staircase
Facing the son of complexity,
A grandfather clock
Whose pendulum found
The middle-path of no further movement
Right or Left
In a time remembered only by
Black and white photos
Barely sealed in a curious chest
In the other more magical of the attic rooms.
Always reaching for the attic
Mostly restless in the lower floors
Sensing there must be more secrets
Whose mystery could feed the longing,
The longing that sits in my gut ,
The knowing and
Conversational whispering among my viscera,
The yes, indeed,
There is something more…
At times helium for the balloons of my imagination
And around certain bends,
The rusting anchors, no longer moorings for
Anything but the reminder
Of all the oxidation of impermanence.
It’s time to rise,
The wind at my back,
Seed stirring in my loins, heating, readying.
Each time Spring invests her renewal
I must hone my senses to give these seeds of power,
These seeds of Grace some fertile fruitful pathways.
They do
Like me
Reach for attic rooms.
They do
Like me
Hope for some uncomplicated
Distractions in the lower rooms.
You see, I must realize at some
That I have been walking
In circles
Around the same block for centuries
Looking for entertainment in
A house with no lights
Condemned to pass
Into dust.
I finally willingly concede
In this Spring cleaning,
Letting the final vestiges
Exit the final stages of
My digestion.

All Rights Reserved 2011 - Scott Patrick Schwenk 3/6/11