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Ecstatic Dance of Shiva & Shakti: Tantric Meditation Intensive, Saturday, April 2nd, 10am-6pm

Saturday, April 2nd ~ 10am – 6pm, a 1-day Tantric Meditation Intensive
$150 (*$125 if paid in full by Wed, March 30th)

The Ecstatic Dance of Shiva & Shakti ~ Immersing in the Creative Power of the Universe

Shiva and Shakti are names given to aspects of your own Awake Self, they are essential and primal forces that give rise to everything you perceive and everything you don’t perceive.  In the beginning there was One, the One became two...these two are Shiva and Shakti, form and formlessness, everything and nothing, emptiness and fullness, the Great Void and Supreme Love.

 In this 1-day Intensive Retreat, we’ll journey deeper into directly experiencing the space between these two through Tantric Meditation, Ecstatic Breathwork, and Contemplation.

We’ll also work with a specific process for releasing the pulls of the past and future, those unmet needs of the past and wants for a future that pull Awareness from the direct experience of complete, whole, perfection in the Present Moment.

This retreat is about experience over theory.  In the direct experiencing, the questions fall away.

Don’t worry if you’ve never meditated or don’t feel good at it.  You’ll be guided to find and experience your own doorways, doorways that work, to lead you into the places that deep true meditation opens.  This is for all levels of experience, an initiation into the next leg of your journey Home.

Breath Deep. Heart Awake. Body Soft. Attention Clear.

Join Us.

When:   Saturday, April 2nd, 2010
Time:       10:00am –6:00pm

Exchange:   $150.  (***$125 if paid in full by Wed, March 30th)

Where:  1226 Havenhurst Dr. #9
                (Havenhurst is 1 block West of Crescent Heights between Santa Monica Blvd and Fountain Ave)

Parking:    Since this is a daytime workshop on a Saturday, you may be able to find spots in the neighborhood.  No permits are needed until 7pm. There’s also the West Hollywood City Lot just South of Santa Monica Blvd behind Out Of The Closet between Havenhurst and La Jolla.  The City Lot is $1 per hour in quarters and you can park there for up to 10 hours.

48hrs cancellation by phone for this workshop. (310) 922-4890

BRING:      A folded blanket and/or yoga mat to lay on for the breathing meditation, eye pillow if you have one, Journal & Pen, any cushions for sitting on, water, and a smile!


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