Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Thousand Beatiful Swords (POEM)

A thousand beautiful swords
Gleaming and graced,
How will you wield them
Will you deform your own face?
If your face be near
As well as far
Every stranger a looking glass
To see and heal
All your ancient scars.
A thousand beautiful swords
Full of strength and might
How will you wield them
To ravage another’s sight?
The brother’s eye you seek to
My dear one,
It is your own.
All this world’s
A hall of mirrors
No other faces,
Always your own.
Drink deep this elixir
Contained within my words
Let it reach every sinew
Every fiber
Every nerve,
Let it heal you of your afflictions
Your sorrow and your pain
Your oft regarded memories
So twisted, distorted, stained.
The fable writer lives amongst you
In your very house
Always crafting
Have you feeling less than, scorned.
Drink deep this balm of Gilead
Let it lift your gaze
To the One who is eternal
Birthless, Deathless
Never on display.
These shops and stores
Catering to your tastes
Never quenching deep your seeking
Distractions for your pain.
Drink deep this clean elixir
Shake off your mortal coil
Come alive as Spirit
Amongst your brethren
And their toil.
You hold the light you seek
Dear One,
It’s never in another’s cave
It’s time to see the mirror clearly
Returning, free, unscathed.
There is no battle to be won
No flag that need be raised.
Your Holy Oaths
Serve only to protect you
While walking through illusion
Remembering This Grace.
Put down your weapons Dear One,
Sit tall
Breathe deep
And turn within
All answers of your seeking
Pulse bright along your veins
Be grateful I have told you
These words your soul lays bare.
Your faith is your protection
It’s drumbeat sings your Name.
The trust you hone
Will lead you home
Cleanse all the splinters

Beams and motes
From your downward gaze.
Join me on this journey
Dance o’er the quicksands
Lifted in your stage
You’re ready for this
Great emancipation
You never were a slave.
Freedom lives within you
Dear One,
And long before your grave,
If you choose it deeply
And walk it in my Name.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2011  Scott Patrick Schwenk  3/30/2011

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  1. one hundred thousands swords more with you:
    Love Light Laugh !!!