Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inviting Abundance

I just had an epiphany in the bathroom.  Why so many of my 'a ha' moments happen there is still a mystery told only to the toothbrush by the razor in the dark of night while my breath is subtle in the warmth of my bed.  Nonetheless, a lightning bolt around abundance.

I've heard over the years that to have more flow, you must put more in flow.  I'm speaking primarily of money at the moment, and generally about any form of Grace that reveals through objects, food, needs met, money, love, and so much more.

All of these manifestations are made of the same stuff as Consciousness.  In this great big bank account of the Universe, it's loud and clear this morning that the branch manager doesn't see any difference between love, money, or CREATIVITY.  Output is output.  Giving is giving.  Expressing is expressing, and expressing is giving and output, and these are means of being in fluid exchange with the Universe.

There's a particular outlay of cash coming up that I've been secretly worried about.  There, I said it, worried.  Yes, I can be a closet worrier.  This probably comes as no great shock to anyone who knows me well.  They're just kind enough not to bring it up in conversation too often.  I'm laughing out loud here as I write this.  The chuckling is the irony that my ego would really earnestly try convincing me that I'm the only closet-worrier, when I know for a fact that this plague is flung far into the four directions of the globe.  It's a human thing.  It's a control thing.  Or rather a fear of no-control thing where the threat seems real, the threat of great loss in the face of no control.  Outcome?  Worrying.  Needless, pointless, fruitless frittering, twittering, and worrying.

Creative output in any and every form is a giving.  This is recognized by the Universe as a part of circulation; participating in flow.  And it responds in kind by sending flow back around to the giver.  This flow can come in any number of ways, and noticing and acknowledging the return is as valuable to being in flow as the initial giving.  As I write this, I feel lifted up, I feel energized.  These are some of the immediate ways I'm being given to, exchanged with, and part of the Divine Circulation.

I could've easily kept on shaving, enjoyed the initial 'Eureka!' thought and intended to write something about it later.  Something nudged me to sit down now and do it.  This is another form of giving from the Flow.  Sitting down to write it is me giving back, acknowledging and showing gratitude.  Posting it on the blog is circulating the wealth with anyone who reads it.  From there, someone may re-post it, have their own epiphanies, circulate some or all of this energy flow into their circles.  It keeps moving.  It's a Divine Commerce.

I feel abundant.  And I am.  Again and again, I come back to that line in the Yoga Vasistha, "The world is as you see it."  What I focus on, I experience.  It's so simple, I need to remind myself of it to keep it fresh and active.

Have an AWESOME day wherever you are!

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