Thursday, March 11, 2010


It strikes me at this hour
that there are no easy answers,
and the ones that seem so
aren't worth the paper they're written on.

It's not until the great humblings
come along
that the simplest words spoken
can be heard.

The innocence we lived by,
a projection of our pain.

The muses looked up to
so many times
just bandaids.

We are the ones we're looking for
And time is running out.
We are the ones we're waiting for
Let's get it all clear now.
We are the ones we're gunning for
There's no one out there anywhere.

This war
Our own confusion
Tearing our own skin.

It's all just you and I
Reflected back in a thousand
Shattered shards of glass.

Hand in hand
No longer knitting the pieces of our lives
Into something warmer,
Something lasting...something better.

Peeling off the masks
Through the looking glass
No present tense
No future angst
No living in the past.

No more grasping

Scott Patrick Schwenk     3/11/10

*****NOTE  this one came through like a it likely is...maybe the music is on it's way...i hear bits of it...


  1. Mmm.....yes is a good feeling ;)

  2. love the term "Grasplessness". When this becomes a song that could even be the title!