Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Accelerated LEVEL 1 Healer Training Class in West Hollywood ~ FRIDAY, August 20th 9am-5pm

FRIDAY, August 20th ~ Accelerated LEVEL 1 Healer Training Class
On Friday, August 20th from 9am-5pm, I’ll be teaching David Elliott’s LEVEL 1 HEALER TRAINING class at my home in West Hollywood as a 1-day intensive.  

(This is the perfect thing to prepare those of you who'd like to step into the Level 2 Class with David Sat/Sun Aug 21/22.)

Whether you're looking for deeper healing and capacity for Self-Love, and/or are feeling ready for more tools to help others, this class is for you, and a lot of FUN!

The Intention for this class is: "To bring out your gifts as a healer so you can heal yourself and others, and to give you tools and practical experience doing healing work that will solidify confidence in your own gifts, thus increasing your ability to see, hear, feel and intuit the truth."  

"After watching Scott teach the class I realize there are parts of the class he teaches better than me. If you have any desire to be a healer take this class, you will learn a lot about yourself, your intuition, and healing!"  ~ David Elliott

If you ever find yourself with people, this class is for YOU!  $275.  To reserve your place, please reply to this email or call (310) 922-4890.    

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