Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It Can Give You Life!

As I've been going much deeper in my own personal practice with the breathwork, and am back to doing it daily for about 30-50 minutes each morning right when I wake up, I'm noticing tremendous clarity and precision continuing to expand through intuition, awareness of Awareness, and so so much more.  My friend and mentor in this work, David Elliott, just wrote this lucid piece about the Breathwork for his with the breathwork, there's much more happening in this piece of writing than just the intellectual information.  Engage with it more than once....engage with it right after breathing....see what you notice in your own direct experience.  Words are a fascinating thing...and only a small small part of communication....they're imprinted with consciousness, depending on the one delivering the communication and the degree of Awareness moving with the communication...LOVE, Scott

On the physical level “the breath” is the most direct way to exchange energy with the Universe, it is the direct link between cosmic forces and the bodies blood, ductless glands and nervous system. It is the way we pull energy in from the sun, stars, planets, sky, as well as from nature, trees, plants and the atmosphere. A consistent breathing practice will provide unparalleled clarity of mind through an instant experiential connection to Universal Energy Flow. This is often the spiritual practice you have been waiting for as it not only increases vitality and life force, but connects you to spirit. Whereas shallow breathing, into the upper lungs and chest, deprives the body of life-sustaining oxygen and energy because it is contracted and generally has fear at its base. Deeper breathing has a letting go property to it. It creates energy flow in the belly, diaphram, emotions, heart and chakra system with an expansive opening of love and healing not unlike birth. Shallow breathing holds one’s emotions throughout the body and has a consistent program of control to it. If you are accustomed to shallow breathing and tend to live a life with a lot of fear, sadness and anger defining your experience then deeper breathing is going to push your reality. It will push the illusions trapped in your body to the surface. Unfortunately it will feel uncomfortable (until it doesn’t). When the negative programing is cleared you will experience life in a whole new way. The breath is the one way I have found that does the cleaning process like no other, ultimately clearing the slate enough within your experience of reality for you to be able to choose love and joy as your life. Many try to choose love without doing the cleaning work and I would be the first to tell you that the power of love is immense. However, what you choose with your conscious mind is limited if your subconscious is saying the opposite. The beauty of the breath is it not only clears the negative energy out of the body, but it also puts you in a deep meditative state. Often the deepest meditative state a person has ever experienced the first time they do the breath work, and that is the most amazing combination offered by this practice. A clearing of the negative, a deep meditative state and a resulting open-hearted space to feel love from the Universe - all giving you the opportunity to bask in self-love in the most abundant way possible. Learn a breathing meditation, it doesn’t have to be the one I teach…and do it consistently. It can give you life! Love, David 

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