Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ENJOYING MEDITATION, TASTING FREEDOM ~ Wednesdays at The Hub ~ 7:45-9pm

I am over the moon about this new class.  Having fallen so deeply in love with my own practice over time, I'm compelled to infect as many people as possible with what the Poet-Saint Hafiz calls "The Happy Virus".  Meditation can be FUN, and enjoying is a skill you can learn at any point, a skill that scales out to infinite depth and breadth and will impact every single area of your life.  Come! And we've made it super-affordable for you...priced like a yoga class so you can experience the cumulative effect of sitting with a group, the exponential expansion over time...

In her latest newsletter, friend, mentor, and the teacher who trained me to teach meditation, Sally Kempton, writes ~ 

"As a teacher, I've learned that the way something is said can literally shift consciousness. This is especially true of meditation instructions. When your inner field is open and receptive, a few words of guidance or a pointing-out instruction will open up pathways that can take you into the heart of being itself. That's one reason why meditating with a teacher and a group can be so instrumental in awakening your deepest experience in meditation. Because the words that point to stillness carry the energy of stillness, you can often go deeper inside with the right words than you do on your own. Then, when you're meditating on your own again, the pathway that the instructions have kindled is there to guide you."

ENJOYING MEDITATION, TASTING FREEDOM  ~  Wednesdays at The Hub  ~ 7:45-9pm

·       What if you could meditate easily and deeply enjoy it? 
·       What if meditation could open you to expanding your ability to consciously live from Joy, Love, and Freedom independent of your circumstances?
·       What if meditation could give you potent and infinite access to the very Source of creative energy fueling the greatest expressions and innovations in Art, Music, Business, Science, and Awakening?

It can, and you’re ready, exactly as you are.  Whether you’re new to the practice of meditation, a seasoned meditator, or somewhere in-between, these evenings are for you.  Drawing on a timeless lineage of Living Wisdom, we’ll dive into this deep well of Inspiration, Rejuvenation, and Revelation, using these Wednesday nights to expand your ability to access deep meditative states and bring more ease, grace, and Freedom to every area of your life.

Meditation is so much more than a daily event, it’s a place to live from.

“Meditation is also a skill.  It takes time to develop your inner ‘muscles’ of focus and to learn how to let go into the inner world.  It takes practice to discover how to let yourself move along the pathways of the inner shakti, to stay aware without thinking, and to hold an inner state when it arises.” –Sally Kempton
“Many people have difficulty when they begin to meditate.  They attempt to ‘conquer’ meditation, as if it were the enemy.  That will never work.  One must drift naturally into the meditative state.” – Dr. Svami Purna
Each week we’ll work with different entry points to deep meditation through several guided meditations and Q & A.  You will leave these evenings armed with tools to continually deepen and enjoy your own experience of mediation, yourself, and life!

Chair and floor seating are both available.

 $20 – Drop In /  $75 – 5 Class Series  /  $140 – 10 Class Series

Suggested Reading ~ Meditation For The Love Of It, Enjoying Your Own Deepest Expereince  by Sally Kempton available for purchase at The Hub.
The Truth Will Set You Free by Dr. Svami Purna available at Amazon.com

Scott Schwenk is a healer, teacher, writer, and lover of life known for his humor, appetite for Truth, and commitment to practice.  Through the Grace of great Teachers and Living Grace, he has learned to be happy, have more fun, and find freedom in the moment.  

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