Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Effortless Meditation: Level 1 - At Home Course with En*theos Academy

This Summer is getting started with quite a bit of energy in tow, have you noticed?  Explosive planetary lineups, solar flares, not to mention all of the shifts and changes in global structures like economies, governments, and more.

Circumstances will continue to come and go.  Poignant moments will continue to present themselves in life.  How we meet them and experience the moment-by-moment of our real-time lives is determined by the capacity to become present, still, and clear...to return to the visceral sense of “All Is Well”, even when situations would seem to reflect otherwise.

I’m very excited to be partnering with Brian Johnson’s Entheos Academy in offering at-home courses and workshops.  The first workshop I’m offering is Effortless Meditation: Level 1 ~ The Sweet-Spots of Attention that Drop You Deeper Into Meditation .  This 4-part series can be taken live, or at your own convenience.  Entheos makes it so simple and easy to get the most out of the Course.  The live Course will be 4 – 75minute sessions on June 27, July 11, 18 & 25 starting at 6:30 PST/  9:30 EST.  If you need to miss a session, don’t worry, they’re all being recorded.  AND a teaching assistant will be taking copious notes, extracting all the big ideas from each

Completing this 4-part series will leave you feeling confident about your ability to sit quietly for 20 minutes or more and emerge refreshed, renewed, and able to access increasing capacities for insight, intuition, and self-love.

Here’s the live link to the juicy details of the Course and registration:  http://www.entheos.com/academy/courses/Effortless-Meditation-Level-1

You might even put together a group of friends to take it with you; like a fun study group in Freedom :-)

See you on the first call!


Scott Schwenk
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