Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awakening Power through Tenderness and Strength this SUNDAY 5/8, 6:30-8pm at The Hub


In the process of growing up and waking up, and building Strength, a vast number of us have lost touch with Tenderness....or have gone the other direction and built a sort of Tenderness that is missing Strength.

Tenderness without Strength can create relationships of massive codependence, carrying pain for other people as way to get love, blurred boundaries, and a painful sort of ultra-sensitivity.

Strength without Tenderness can produce human "islands", lone wolves, and an absence of real Communion with other people and groups.

I've been studying this in myself, sanding off the crust of old battle scars from my Heart, stretching its edges wider than is comfortable, and finding this incredible Power.

Which side are you more anchored into?  Where is there room for more freedom?  More Communion that includes your strength, that's grounded, present, and able to really Feel this world in a way that's not only empowering to You, it becomes a gift to every Community you're a part of, to the World as a whole.

This is an Exploration.  We don't have answers.  We're curious about what's truly Possible in Happiness, in Love, and in Freedom.  With Awareness, Breath, and Trust, we're exploring.  Join Us!

When:       SUNDAY night 6/5/11  6:30-8pm  
                    ((Arrive early to avoid being late))
Exchange:       $35
Where:      The Hub (
                    2001 S Barrington Ave, Suite 150, Los Angeles, CA 90025-5363 US
                    { S Barrington Ave between LaGrange and Mississippi }
                    Entrance for the Hub is located on street level at the ground floor of the
                    parking structure located on South Barrington Avenue.
Bring:          Yoga mat and/or blanket-we'll be sitting on the floor at first then lying down
                     for the breathwork.
RSVP:        You can reserve your spot through The Hub  310-575-4200

These ECSTATIC BREATHWORKSHOPS are nothing less than a journey deeper into the experience and expression of who and what you are, a journey into the Heart of Freedom within.  Through a simple and powerful breathing meditation, you gain and deepen the tools for seeing past your former limitations, gain muscle for being your own best ally, teacher, and healer, and deeply taste a place free of insecurity, full of self-love.


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