Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Enjoying Meditation, Tasting Freedom || Wednesday Nights 7:45-9pm @ The Hub


ENJOYING MEDITATION, TASTING FREEDOM  ~  Wednesday Nights at The Hub  ~ 7:45-9pm

Every week I’m more excited than the last for these Wednesday night gatherings.  There’s a building momentum, and a gathering depth, that’s creating a strong, safe, and vibrant container/space to go deep into the world of Freedom that meditation can open.  Each week we’re standing on the shoulders of the previous week’s growth.  Each week, we’re diving deeper into the direct experience of Silence, Love, Stillness, Renewal, and in the presence of others.  Doing this work in a group setting is silently encouraging an unraveling of what it is to be deeply yourSelf in the midst of others. 

Meditation can be FUN, and enjoying is a skill you can learn at any point, a skill that scales out to infinite depth and breadth and will impact every single area of your life. 


We've made it super-affordable for you...priced like a yoga class so you can experience the cumulative effect of sitting with a group, the exponential expansion over time...

In a recent newsletter, friend, mentor, and the teacher who trained me to teach meditation, Sally Kempton, writes ~

"As a teacher, I've learned that the way something is said can literally shift consciousness. This is especially true of meditation instructions. When your inner field is open and receptive, a few words of guidance or a pointing-out instruction will open up pathways that can take you into the heart of being itself. That's one reason why meditating with a teacher and a group can be so instrumental in awakening your deepest experience in meditation. Because the words that point to stillness carry the energy of stillness, you can often go deeper inside with the right words than you do on your own. Then, when you're meditating on your own again, the pathway that the instructions have kindled is there to guide you."

ENJOYING MEDITATION, TASTING FREEDOM  ~  Wednesdays at The Hub  ~ 7:45-9pm

The Hub ( 2001 S Barrington Ave, Suite 150, Los Angeles, CA 90025-5363

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