Monday, November 22, 2010

Freedom from Insecurity in Relationships ~ Freedom to Love ~ ECSTATIC BREATHWORK, Sun 11/28, 4:30-6pm @Liberation Yoga

Sunday, November 28th ~ 4:30pm-6pm ~ Liberation Yoga (Hancock Park/Weho) 

Freedom from Insecurity in Relationships ~ Freedom to Love

Continuing on from our theme last month of “freedom from debt, freedom from the past”, we’ll shine deeper clarity into the area of relationships.  Most people will be drawn to look at human relationships, and in particular, romantic relationships.  The lens for this workshop is a little wider, to include relationship with people, resources, and Awareness.  How you relate to yourself is how you relate to your world.  Do you come from a place of deficit or insecurity in any of your relationships?  How would deeper self-love and self-trust help you to feel more expanded, clear, grounded, and able to ENJOY all your relationships?

Breath Deep. Heart Awake. Body Soft. Attention Clear and Present.

Join Us.

DATE:            Sunday, November 28th, 2010
Time:             4:30pm - 6pm (come early to avoid being late)
Exchange:              $40
Bring:            Yoga mat and/or blanket-we'll be sitting on the floor at first then lying down
                       for the breathwork.
Location:       Liberation Yoga
                      124 S. La Brea (btw 1st and 2nd)
                      Los Angeles, CA 90036
RSVP:           You can reserve your spot through Liberation Yoga  (323) 964-5222.

These ECSTATIC BREATHWORKSHOPS are nothing less than a journey deeper into the experience and expression of who and what you are, a journey into the Heart of Freedom within.  Through a simple and powerful breathing meditation, you gain and deepen the tools for seeing past your former limitations, gain muscle for being your own best ally, teacher, and healer, and deeply taste a place free of insecurity, full of self-love.


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