Saturday, September 26, 2009


Up the stairs,
Trailing slightly to the right,
There's a soft cozy bed
still warm,
sheets zig-zagged with fresh body creases
from the night before.

Today's another one of those days, you see...
To step forward
off the outcropping,
glowing tones of beiges
and whites in the
determined Sun;
To step forward and
free-fall deeper
into the arms of
His rising currents of Bliss,
wings stretching knowingly
wide to glide
and around the
thermal waves of heat and sound
vibrating off this
brimming Heart of

walk back down the corridor
to the familiar anesthesia
of the old mistress
known as my bed.


My Heart fire ignites
more of Her cave
with hungry flames of
devotion to Lucidity...

I take this step
with you my
Dear One...
Off the cliff,
and into Life!

Scott Patrick Schwenk 9/13/09

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