Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why cultivate peace/stillness?

It was in Pondicherry, many years ago, in the season when tropical rains and sometimes cyclones sweep down suddenly and bring devastation. At such times, doors and windows have to be barricaded with thick bamboo laths. That night, a cyclone broke out with torrents of rain, and Mother hastened toward Sri Aurobindo's room to help him shut his windows. He was seated at his table, writing (for years Sri Aurobindo spent twelve hours a day writing, from six in the evening till six in the morning, then eight hours walking up and down "for the yoga"). The windows were wide open, and not a drop of rain had come in. The peace that reigned in the room, recalls Mother, was so solid, so compact, that the cyclone COULD NOT enter. ~from SRI AUROBINDO or THE ADVENTURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS by Satprem

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