Friday, September 18, 2009

Head Over Heals

As I fall
ever deeper
into the wildest abyss,
"I" discovers abyss
to be a particle of attention.

This pulsing photon
rooted, you see,
in the
sometime phantasmagorical
idea that something is missing.

With the pulse
of the photon,
goes the pulse
of my attention.




Out...a pause

'What? Huh?
Where am I?'

Groggily wiping
the sleep of aeons
from the corners of
my seeing.

'Have I been
sleeping?' he poses...

Bones a little stiff,
moving about the room
in the splash of Sun
illuminating the Eastern corner,
this Lucidity continues,

Still Falling,
only now the thrill of
not grasping
heaving gasps
for air
and sure ground...

As I fall deeper
out of the Causal Delta,
I spy an intimately worn key
deftly inserted into the
determined lock on
the old cobwebbed doorway...

In only a few moments of focus,
the key pulses,
currents of breathing racing into
my lungs,
wind caressing the tops of my feet...


the causeway,
tasting the ordinary ecstasy of this fullness;
this fullness where judging you is
the wildly raucous
punchline to the joke of separation.

Scott Patrick Schwenk 9/18/09

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