Friday, September 4, 2009

There's Only One Place

who've scoured these
tinderboxes of sandy brown hills,
crackling parched crevices in your hands,
constellations of blisters
across the palms of your withered feet;
always the scent of hope
just when you'd give up
searching for some inkling of life,
just one little shoot
or sprout
would do...
The scorched inclines
consumed by the flames of your
tireless need for
something more than This...
a thin gossamer veil
to pretty you up,
and drape across
a faltering house of cards.

Give up losing this
house-rigged game
over and again.

Come home.
Come home.
Come home.

Wrap yourself in
the shawl of endless warmth.
Dye yourself in
the hue of this peace of mind
that won't fade in the Light of days on end.
Fidget with the hinge of the
lock on your Heart just
one more time,
and See.
Just See...
a dangling lock on
an already opened door.

You see,
there's intelligence in all this
seeming chaos.
Why would He dare attempt
locking anything so vast
as the infinity of Love
that Is your Heart?

So go on your not-so-merry chase
for something to hold you over,
until you wear yourself out
And as you heave and gasp
for one precious breath
my Dear One,
He can finally fill you with
His Truth;
You're already home
You're already home
For where else could you possibly go
when there's only
One place?

Scott Patrick Schwenk 9/4/09

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