Tuesday, September 28, 2010

David Elliott's Level 1 Healer Training ~ Nov 13-14 in Brooklyn, NY

Would you like to learn powerful efficient tools for taking big leaps in refining and trusting your Intuition, healing yourself, healing others, & deepening Self-Love as a gateway to expanding Freedom?

Join us on November 13 & 14th in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where I’ll be teaching
David Elliott’s Level 1 Healer Training.  If you’ve already taken the class, you’re invited to review it at half-price.  Between taking the class and teaching it, I’ve jumped into the material well over 25 times, and I’m always amazed at how much more I soak up each time.

Here’s what David Elliott (creator of the Healer Training Series) has to say about the Level 1 Class:

“This 2 day course gives you the basic tools of this technique. Ideally students have read the book or listened to the audio of THE RELUCTANT HEALER and HEALING and become familiar with the written information prior to the start of the class.  Once the class begins the process of understanding and connecting to your energy and intuition is initiated.  The first technique used to connect you to your energy is an ancient breathing technique known as pranayama yoga. This technique has been fine-tuned by David with over twenty years of practice and use in healing. Just the breathing training alone will give the participants an incredibly powerful tool. There will be much practical application working with the breath during this 2-day course.  Simultaneously you will be learning how to access your intuition through the openings that occur with the breathing - which will provide you with an unobstructed pathway to spirit. The intuition exercises have been specifically created for this class. Your connection to spirit will be powerful. Spirit always shows up as you learn to access it though your energy!  Once this connection is made you will learn how to work with energy to bring about your own healing. This is accomplished by clearing the blocks on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. And finally the healing work segues into an understanding of how to work with others. You will have a partner each day to work and share your gifts with. Each person's gifts and talents are brought out to establish originality with each healer. The whole class is a lot of fun!”

"After watching Scott teach the class I realize there are parts of the class he teaches better than me. If you have any desire to be a healer take this class, you will learn a lot about yourself, your intuition, and healing!" David Elliott

 Saturday & Sunday, November 13-14, 2010
Time:   9am-4pm  (arrive early to avoid being late)

Where:  97 Green Street Apt G3
            Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222
            (718) 757-2758

Exchange:  $475 ($425 if paid-in-full by Nov 1, 2010).  **Payment Plans are available for this class.

How to Register: Call Scott on 310-922-4890 or send an email to scott@trustthebreath.com, I’ll give you complete payment instructions.

Bring: A Notebook and Pen, Folded blanket or yoga mat, Eye Pillow if you have one, and any healing tools you may have (oils, sage, etc. and don’t worry if you don’t yet have any.)  We'll move between sitting on the floor and laying down for the breath meditations.  If you tend to get chilly, bring a warmer layer to put on.

Directions:  You can take the G train to the Greenpoint avenue stop and exit the train station towards India street.  You will be on Manhattan avenue.  From there cross India street and continue walking north on Manhattan for two blocks. Turn left onto Green street. We are the cream colored warehouse at the end of the block. There are many doors on this building.  Ours says 97 Green Street Apt G3.

(310) 922-4890

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