Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Weekend ~ Bhaktifest, Global Healing Group, and Ecstatic Breathwork at The Hub

WOW!!!  What a Summer!  I hope you’re having as much fun and expansion as I am!

It’s been a whirlwind of healing, depth, fun, and laughter these last couple of weeks....two workshops and sessions in NYC, followed by a personal retreat in the lush vibrant green Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, then another in the captivating ecstasy of the red rocks of Sedona with my friend and mentor David Elliott.

I’m here in Los Angeles just long enough to do some laundry, see a few clients for healing sessions, and pack up for Joshua Tree.

We’ll be out in the High Desert this weekend for Bhaktifest ( http://www.bhaktifest.com/ ).  David Elliott will be leading a workshop on Friday night from 5:30-6:45pm in the Sanctuary, and I’ll be leading a workshop on Saturday morning from 11am-12:30pm in the Meditation Hall.  Come on out and join us!!!

Then THIS SUNDAY, there’ll be 2 events back here in LA.  Sunday morning, I’ll be hosting the next Global Healing Group with David Elliott via online global broadcast out of my home in West Hollywood from 10-11:30am.

Then Sunday night from 5:30-7pm I’ll be filling in at The Hub in West LA leading ECSTATIC BREATHWORK.  The focus is THE PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING.

Scroll Down for details for Sunday morning and Sunday evening:


The September Global Healing Group is coming up fast!  The focus this month is on discipline and how to use it to deepen your faith and commitment to self-love.  This GHG will be a great opportunity to take a look at your spiritual practice and see if there is more room to love, laugh and play while staying committed to your spirit.” ~David

When:   Sunday, September 12th, 2010
Time:       10:00am-11:30am
Exchange:   $35
Where:  1226 Havenhurst Dr. #9
                (Havenhurst is 1 block West of Crescent Heights between Santa Monica Blvd and Fountain Ave)

Parking:    It’s best to park at a meter on Santa Monica Blvd or in the West Hollywood City Lot just South of Santa Monica Blvd behind Out Of The Closet between Havenhurst and La Jolla.  The City Lot is $1 per hour in quarters.  Other meters in the area are free after 6pm.

RSVP:      Due to size of the space, please RSVP to hold your place.  If need be, we’ll start a waiting list.
24hrs cancellation by phone. (310) 922-4890

BRING:      A folded blanket and/or yoga mat to lay on for the breathing meditation, water, and a smile!


Peace is not a thought or an emotion, it is an expression of the very Nature of who and what you are.  Recognizing it, Trusting it, and letting it permeate the fibers of your experience is the focus of this night.  Let yourself ignite the passion for cultivating a deeper relationship with what is permanent, lasting, and whole...with The Peace That Passes All Understanding.

Breath Deep. Heart Awake. Body Soft. Attention Clear.

Join Us.

These workshops are for all levels of experience and are nothing less than a tool for setting yourself free.  We’ll use a simple yet powerful breathing meditation as the linchpin for the work.  I call it ECSTATIC BREATHWORK.

When:       SUNDAY night 9/12/10  5:30-7pm   
                    ((Arrive early to avoid being late))
Exchange:       $35
Where:      The Hub (http://thehub-la.com)
                    2001 S Barrington Ave, Suite 150, Los Angeles, CA 90025-5363 US
                    { S Barrington Ave between LaGrange and Mississippi }
                    Entrance for the Hub is located on street level at the ground floor of the
                    parking structure located on South Barrington Avenue.
Bring:          Yoga mat and/or blanket-we'll be sitting on the floor at first then lying down
                     for the breathwork.
RSVP:        You can reserve your spot through The Hub  310-575-4200

These ECSTATIC BREATHWORKSHOPS are nothing less than a journey deeper into the experience and expression of who and what you are, a journey into the Heart of Freedom within.  Through a simple and powerful breathing meditation, you gain and deepen the tools for seeing past your former limitations, gain muscle for being your own best ally, teacher, and healer, and deeply taste a place free of insecurity, full of self-love.


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