Monday, June 22, 2009

Boundaries and Insecurity

I’m fresh from the the high desert (Joshua Tree) where 40 of us plunged deeper into the Work through the Level 4 Healer Training Class with my mentor and friend David Elliott. It was my 3rd time participating in this class, and what an enormous gift to my life! Every time I repeat one of the trainings, my Awareness around the work and mySelf takes a quantum leap deeper. Two of the main areas I’ve been honing in on and studying closely are Boundaries and Insecurity and just how crucial awareness around them is to Freedom and Self Love, and ultimately everything in life. Boundaries and Insecurity are deeply related....wherever you and I are insecure, our boundaries are likely to be shaky at best. Wherever we’re insecure, we leak our personal energy, our life-force. And in it’s infinite sense of humor, the Universe will keep bringing in people and situations to challenge these boundaries and insecurities to help shine the Light of Awareness on them so that we can have CHOICE. With Choice comes Freedom!

I will be focusing deeply into these two areas in all of the Work this week in San Francisco, and making sure to find the humor, share it, and have a lot of Fun along the way! I figure that the lessons are going to come in, and I might as well have fun along the way!

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  1. Well spoken, my friend.
    love, jane

    ps. Just to check in with you after your blog last week on slowing down and doing a few of those little things you don't ever get around to doing, your blog helped and I'm stopping more often -- to make the bed, to pick some flowers, smell them even...