Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh Icarus!

Oh Icarus!
This flame that burns
so bright
blowing through
every chamber of your heart...
You must build
to these heights
Capacities like these
so rarely grown overnight.
Your yearning for Truth
pushes you to the edge
Your shadow,
yet unyielding
flares with the fuel of
these passionate leaps
costing you
costing you
costing you
oh so much
my dear.

Oh Icarus,
slow down,
the battle is already won
when you look with the
eye of wisdom
past the view
you've come to know,
You'll see,
You'll feel,
You'll KNOW;
Reality is much kinder
gentler and patient
than the world you've
let mold your every thought.

Oh Icarus!
Let the Truth reveal,
For she will carry you
like no pill
or sweet ever can.
She will soothe the ache
and give you a taste
of the home
the home you never left.

Flying so High
is the ego's game...
Burning you out
through need for
money and fame.

Oh Icarus!
Why wings of wax?
Spread the ones
Your Creator crafts
Within you,
and know
Your Holy Name.

There's only time
and no time at all.
Paradox can be
Your entry,
Or your
Most staggering fall.

Yes, Oh Icarus!
Open the wings of your Heart
Ride on the the
Currents Her breath

Know the Love you seek
release these ghosts of pain.

It's time to wake up!
It's time to wake up!
Oh Icarus,
It's time to wake up!

Scott Patrick Schwenk 6/26/09

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