Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Joy...

With a Heart
Full of Grace
How can I
go wrong?

Where can I turn
and not feel Your

Drunk on your fragrance,
I stagger up and down the
stairs looking for that
one sacred flower
that will end
all delusion...

Oh that precious
and divine
budding only
on leap-year
or maybe it's
the last hour of
or could it be?
Could it be that
maybe it's just
those perfect hours
so early in the morning
when the world is still
free from the sometimes
happy buzz
of caffeinated contentment...
Oh yes!
Maybe it is those
sacred moments...

But where?
Where do I
find the formula
the special mantra
to unlock the gold
in these few coveted moments?

There must be
an incantation to
open the locks
on the wrought iron
doors to the Infinite...

Until the inevitable
Giving in to the
seductive slumber of
anesthetized awareness.

"It's so simple,
with simplicity."

"The doorway to
My Heart
is nowhere
your eyes can look
your ears can hear
your tongue can savor
your mind can conceive."

"My Dear One,
as you giggle
and shake into
the most unholy
sweating and
rolling on the floor
and maybe actually
drooling on yourself
as the howling
hilariousness of
this game of
cat and mouse
comes crashing through your
and shows you My face
in the dust bunnies
under the couch."

"Will you let go now?
Or do I have to drag you
kicking and screaming
all the way to my
Joy, the only
you never left?"

Scott Patrick Schwenk 6/17/09

1 comment:

  1. Scott - I feel your passion and soulful expression of the heart - It is always so refreshing to hear what depth a man is willing to share as his heart awakens with Love & Joy.
    Blessings in Love & Light.