Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Key to Healing

Preview from David Elliott's (author of THE RELUCTANT HEALER, and mentor and friend) upcoming book (still in process):

"The key to healing, love, life, spirit, connection, faith, and enlightenment revolve around you being able to love yourself. If you do not like you, you cannot love you. This is ground zero, the starting point for your work. Nothing in your life is going to bear fruit until you learn to love yourself and make contact with the center of your Universe, your heart, and the love that flows through it. You have to learn to feel love for yourself through your heart. You have to be able to feel the smiles for yourself in your heart. Self-love connects you to everyone, and everything. Once you love yourself you can effectively move out into the world and love others. Love makes you Universal. It is the foundation in which to understand life. It connects you to the Master’s who walked the earth, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” will begin to make sense when you have learned to love yourself, it cannot happen if you do not love you. For love to exist in your world it has to happen inside of you first, then it can propagate 360 degrees around you. You become a circle, a Universe of love. Can I be anymore repetitive, emphatic, or clear about this!"
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