Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How Do You Know?

How do you know;
your words
are falling on deaf ears,
your art
is falling on blind eyes,
your garden
is withering on the vine?

Can you see the
arrogance of your
shape-shifting ego
the tides of your
remaining insecurity?

Can you recognize
the pure
shining behind the
shucking, jiving,
and shenanigans of
this self-same GRACE
is illuminating
and idolatry just
to bring you
once and for all?

This journey
Dear One
is not
to be taken
whilst drooling
sleeping at the wheel of
your virtual life.

THIS journey
is not for the faint of heart.

It will take you
through the woods
on the darkest night
just to see if you flinch,
recoiling from Trust and Faith
falling down into the
wool of the world's despair
pulled so stealthily
(albeit by you)
over your human eyes.

It will reveal the Truth.
It will reveal the Love.
It will reveal the ONE
that you and I are
have been
and will always BE.

Will you take my hand
as long as we both
see separation
and walk with me?

Will you Trust
in the power of
two or more gathered
in His/Her name,
knowing the name
is just a convenient
finger pointing at the Moon?

Will you share this MIracle
with me?

I will walk and
I will not rest from
this journey
until there is no speck of
beingness that
believes in separation from

And if you hear the Call,
put on your dancing clothes
put on your funky hat
and your tilted shades,
and bring
all your raucous laughter
to the streets as
we shake and sweat and
dance out all division
until that cute portly woman of proverbial fame
comes out onto our stage
to sing.

Give your gifts
Dance your dance
Paint your Heart on
Every pillar and post and
let your sacred smile
leap across your face
for no need of good reason
other than that it can!

Scott Patrick Schwenk 6/9/09

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  1. "Falling down into the wool of the world's despair."

    Love that.