Friday, July 10, 2009

How To Do The Breathwork

  1. Commit to yourself to do at least 10 minutes of the following 3-part breath
  2. Set an intention for yourself (ie; recharging your batteries, having an insight about something you're working with, moving stuck energy, releasing pain, connecting with your purpose, deepening your connection with unlimited creative energy)
  3. Put on some music (suggestions - Peter Gabriel's PASSION, anything by Coyote Oldman, anything by Lisa Gerard)...or download this CD with my mentor in this work, David Elliott, guiding you through the process. Try both!
  4. Turn off and/or minimize anything that could distract you
  5. Lay down in a comfortable place, and have a blanket near you if you might get chilly in the middle of the breathwork. Ideally don't have anything under your head. We want your throat open so that energy can easily move through there.
  6. Start the breathwork -- This breath is ALL THROUGH THE MOUTH. It's 2 breaths in, and 1 breath out. As you're breathing in, you'll take the first half of your breath into your low belly, and the second half into your upper chest, then exhale and repeat.
  7. Continue breathing for at least 10'll need this amount of time with the breath to help you get out of the atmosphere of the thinking mind. It's okay if you get light-headed in the beginning. That will pass as you let go of control in the mind.
  8. After 10 minutes of breathing in this way, you can return to a normal way of breathing...and let your body relax deeply into wherever your laying down. This is when you can get a profound recharge of your energy---the more you let go and relax, the deeper the recharge.
  9. Congratulate yourself at the end for making time for YOU in a very powerful way.
  10. Try doing this for 30 days straight and see what happens! I guarantee amazing results across your entire experience of yourself if you stick with all 30 days.

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