Thursday, July 9, 2009

Love's Expression Unfolding through YOU:

While I was living in the Siddha Yoga Meditation Ashram, having my life and my molecules completely reorganized by Love's relentless waves, I had the thought that one day I'd probably go back out into the world and work again (though when I joined the staff, I intended on staying forever...). I knew that whatever I did in the world needed to impact the most people possible in a positive way, so I asked myself what lines of work and industries had the furthest reach on the planet. And after a lot of inquiry and interviewing people, I settled on the entertainment industry.

Though I left behind formal employment in entertainment when I left CAA over 7 years ago, I never left that commitment behind - to be a conduit for affecting the most number of people on the planet in a positive way.

Just now while lying on my massage table doing the breathwork I usually guide others through, some dots connected up, in the way they seem to when I get out of my intellect and into a place open-hearted expansion and surrender. In that place, social media, Twitter to be exact, rose up in my awareness.

I've had a number of conversations lately with people who've somewhat defined themselves by being non-Twitter users, stating their lack of interest in following peoples latest meals, bowel movements, and latest finds at the flea market. All that is just one layer of social media...and we're in the midst of a Expression Movement; a defining era that is opening up wide expression capacities for EVERYONE. Just like the town you live in, there are people at every level of consciousness, and as social media networks continue to expand, we'll see all those layers expressed in status updates and tweets.

HOWEVER, that doesn't yet touch what's possible with these networks. Now more than ever, we have a chance to not only "Be the Change", but have it impact wide circles of people, people we may never even meet by putting our expression out there...writing and posting the things you'd want to be lifted up by, the articles, quotes, and sites that expand your point of view, your capacity to hold lots of points of view without having to make any one of them the only or the right point of view.

There's no end to how powerful these networks are and will become. Feel like you can't come up with something "worth" posting? That's just insecurity trying to shut down your voice.....just old bullshit coming to the surface to be released as the illusion it is. Still unclear about insecurity? Read my earlier blogs about my own dance with that part of the shadow.

Bypass judgment, and jump in! You have Awesome and Amazing things to share. You have a gorgeous Heart and can be as much of a conduit of Spirit and Love and Awakening as anyone...or good tips about how to keep rats out of a roof garden (wish one of you in my network had been tweeting about that a few weeks ago!).

Drop the fear, and write! Share it! Trust more :)


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