Sunday, July 19, 2009

Staying On Purpose

I am
what I am.
I will never be
or less
than what I really
and already am.

Dreams, thoughts, wishes
all congeal, reveal, gather energy...
the ferris wheel of of the marketplace
turning, glittering, enticing...
so convincing that there
could be,
no must be
something MORE!

"Come to me," it offers,
"I'll give you everything you
never got...just pay me the
price of admission."

What price,
you ask?
For making a contract
that offers everything?

Only your life,
one drop at a slowly
you may not even notice.
Until the flimsy threads
holding it all
start to fray
splinter and
lay you open
like a sprawling
Las Vegas buffet...
No boundaries,
No limits
On who or what
can feed
and for how long
on your life-force.

"But, I'm confused," you say,
"About the price."

"Ah, good!" the ferris wheel says
through the charming old twinkling lights,
"Then you've already started to pay."

Scott Patrick Schwenk 7/19/09

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