Wednesday, May 27, 2009


When you try to exchange
all your wants and needs for
perfect happiness
through the illusions of
this seeming world
block the Reality of
His exchange with You
always unfolding itSelf.

Let go of this dance
with empty calories,
words without meaning,
work without fruit,
and dances without joy.

Let Him whirl
through your Imagination,
pulsing, throbbing, expanding
his Dance of Creation
in every wink of your
beautiful eyes,
every beat of your
gorgeous Heart
drenched in the nectar of
Love for no reason,
Rollicking laughter with no punchline,
Wild warm embraces empty of need.

You, oh yes Dear One,
are His Beloved
Her Beloved...
And you don't have a vote in it!

Scott Patrick Schwenk 5/27/09

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