Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who Will You Blame?

Who will you blame
this time for
all of your pain?
Another proposition
new number,
different name?

It's time you
take responsibility
fielding thoughts
through the eye of wisdom
not those crackled
specks of time
time gone by
imagination run wild
and always ever
not in your favor.

Have you ever
questioned these
oh-so-true propositions
posited by your own
inherited positions
and inquisitions?

Maybe it is
all about
you v. pain
you v. blame
you v. mayhem
homespun in
your own brain.

Maybe there is
no hope for that jail
around your hopes
and oh by the way
have you noticed
it's made of
your own disdain.

Jailer and jailee
set yourself free
the keys are
hanging behind
the chain of
unquestioned beliefs
circling round and round
your thought-trained brain.

Freedom is only
one breath away.
Heaven and Hell
living in the choice
between your thoughts.

And when you are Free,
who will you blame then?
Silliest thought of All to
recover the Golden Throne of
your own awakening with
tattered old sheets of
three-ringed paper
scrawled with
jibberish born of
someone else's pain.

Scott Patrick Schwenk 5/26/09

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