Saturday, May 23, 2009

No More Breaks

No More Breaks

No more breaks in the Circle of Life.

Can you
Will you
Ever release
The Fort Knox lockdown
On your identity as
stuck, broken, alone, not-enough?

How many years
dollars and ears
will you use with
no exchange
to fix something that has
no existence?

A free ego
isn't freedom at all...

This gasping
rasping and grasping for
is ridiculous...

How many meatless
old bones
will you add to your collection
sucking on them for some hope of

You ask for compassion
but won't let this
balm of Gilead
permeate your
dry skin...

You plead for time
while running down
on the hunt for
the next great latte
to invigorate the
lifeless listless adrenals
whose lifeforce
you've gambled away on
one too many nights of promise
with no delivery.

When will you
and can you
Wake up?

No more breaks in the Circle of Life.

Oh Great Spirit

Oh Mother of All

Light of Fire

Spirit of Water

Lift of Air

Strength of Earth

Knowing of Truth...

Release the
knot of the Heart
so the ocean of infiniteness
can know itself in
all form and formlessness

No more breaks in the Circle of Life.

Scott Patrick Schwenk 6/23/09

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