Sunday, May 24, 2009

How Do I Judge Thee...

How Do I Judge Thee

How do I judge thee?
How long have I avoided
counting the ways
means and ends
of this down-world spiral
into complete separation
from all of You.

If I would only let
one little fissure
open in
the secret chamber of
my heart
I could begin
to hear your sweet melody
chanting the chorus of
unconditional Love
through every cell of this
living world of Heart
these fluid brushstrokes of
Your art
Creating and dissolving
Forms, formlessness
Above and below
Expansion and contraction.

Oh life
would that I suspend
judgement and
accept all of Your faces
all of Your smiles
through countless rivers
gorges and lives.

Oh breath,
winding through
the labyrinth of my soul
waking memory of Your face
my face, the One face
in every face...

Oh breath,
a thousand bows
will never be enough to
honor the gift You are.

So for now,
I will just smile
at the next face I see.

Scott Patrick Schwenk 5/24/09

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