Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Breath of the Heart

It's the Holidays...

Knowingly, and unknowingly...all sorts of emotions, thoughts, and feelings are getting stimulated for many of us. How will I/we meet them? Do I need to go into my intellect to "figure it all out"? Am I willing to Trust the work I've done and continue to do to anchor my awareness in the Heart? Do I need to be reminded to slow down by traffic tickets, arguments, or aches and pains? Can I still choose the foods that support my body to function in a state of grounded expansion?

As I was on the elliptical trainer at the gym this morning I was chewing on these questions.

On Sunday morning, I did receive a traffic ticket, just two blocks from my house. I was coming from the gym, and headed to LAX to pick up my Mom to join me for the Thanksgiving Week. As I was coming through the intersection, I was feeling antsy and sped up to go around the car in front of me who was waiting longer than I would've liked to make a left turn. As I crossed the intersection, I realized quickly that I needed to slow the car down, and as I was braking, I saw a cop on my right, knowing instantly that he saw me and would be giving me a ticket. I was ticketed for going 38 in a 25mph zone.

And while it was a relatively mild run over the speed limit, and I was decelerating to go even slower, the Universe was putting me on notice that once again my awareness needs to be more refined and vigilant to embody the Awareness that I'm engaging with now. What passed muster a few months ago no longer carries the day today. There's no resting on the "laurels" of my previous efforts.

There was a big spiking piece of my ego that wanted to be "right" about my actions at the intersection, even more of a red-flag that something was off and needed more attention from me.

It's important for me to know the places where I can still feel entitled; entitled to speed up through the intersection because it's my neighborhood, entitled to some form of "special" treatment for any reason. At this stage in the game, special is a way of remaining separate, and separate is a recipe for suffering. I am a healer and a conduit for healing Presence in every area of my life. As I slow down, choose Peace, and Trust, I am divinely guided into Flow in every area of my life. This way of walking through my world is more healing to those around me than anything I can say...it is the greatest way of teaching...by living it ever more fully.

The Heart is the hub of all sacred places, go there and roam. ~Bhagavan Nityananda

This week, I am making more time to take breaths into the very center of this Temple, my Heart. As I breath into this sacred space, my vision opens to see the sacredness of every space, every being, every intersection, and I treat them all with the honor and reverence and joy I bring to the Temple of my own Heart.

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