Saturday, November 28, 2009


Something is happening.

In the chambers of my Heart
whilst quietly aslumber
amongst the
coziest of the cozy places
wedged effortlessly
between the various lumps of
feathers and cloth.


Clearly someone
loosed the latch
leaving a window
to the chambers ajar.

And now this
Living Wind is
racing through the rooms
looking for any and all
ancient dust
which simply
doesn't belong,
whipping it up and out
of these causeways through
and around
and now
the sanctum sanctorum.

Rupturing with a giggle
that glides
into to an uproaring
escape of
richter scale 9.2 laughter.

The gossamer veil
that once surrounded the
whole enterprise
in double-bagged
like groceries
in the 80's
is now flapping and flying in
this unstoppable
that is sometimes
racing at gale force.

I am Alive.

Scott Patrick Schwenk 11/28/09

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