Saturday, January 9, 2010

30 Days + of Gratitude ~ Day 30

A day late on this entry.  Hmmm....and it's "Day 30"....might I have a little something around completing?  Could be.  I'll marinate in it today and see what arises.  Given that I'm still in a human suit, anything is possible.  All bets are off until the fat lady sings 'total liberation'...and at this point that's a I resonate with as real, but a concept nonetheless.  And given that the Universe is continuing to expand, there'd likely never be an endpoint of Realization.

  1. I am grateful essential oils.  These are the lifeforce of plants condensed and extracted, carrying so much information, healing, and wisdom.  The deeper I trust myself in the presence of these teachers, the easier it is to learn from them without having to involve my intellect.  This too is an evolution, and I'm deeply enjoying the process.
  2. I am grateful for having learned to have fun at my own events, whether they're workshops, parties, or dinners.  Thank you David Elliott for always stating the intention to have Fun first and's a marker on my inner compass for which I'll always be grateful.
  3. I am grateful for the opportunity to preview the audio of David Elliott's newest book HEALING over the weekend.  Profound doesn't cover the experience for me, and seems like so many of the words that speak to greatness and impact have been over-laden with marketing energy in the western world.  However, I know that as I let myself "feel" what I want to communicate, the written words are imbued with that feeling and take expression beyond the intellect into the Heart.
  4. I am grateful for the nudge from intuition to reach into self-love and be of service when I'm beginning to be seduced by the illusion of not feeling loved or supported by someone or something outside of myself.  This takes practice, and I'm actively engaged with it every day.  I know I can and will work deeper into this.  It is my biggest gift to all of my relationships ~ loving myself so completely that I don't need anyone.  In the words of my singer-songwriter friend Rob MacMullan in his song "Open Heart", "What if I did not need you, and you did not need me, but still we chose to be together, build a bridge between us two?"
  5. I am grateful for my is so willing to accept and be quickly responsive to any and all of the nurturing I'm willing to give it.  I think this is in part a function of many years of a (mostly) healthy lifestyle.  And even more a function of my ever deepening self-love.  I know I may sound to some like a broken record around self-love.  I am okay with that.  I will continue to share about my work with self-love, and don't see a future where it's ever irrelevant.  Again, deep bows to David Elliott and all his alliances for bringing teachings around self-love and exchange into the world in modern parlance that those of us growing up in the instant-gratification generations and beyond can connect with.

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