Friday, January 22, 2010

Transformational Bodywork is Back!!

That’s right!  I’ve been nudged by my intuition to start offering bodywork again for a period of time...

Some of you have experienced it, some are in for a new treat!

The sessions consist of foot-reflexology, structural integration, deep-tissue, and somatic rebalancing.  Each session is journey of it’s own, and happens in the sanctity of the warm, cozy, quiet healing space I’ve cultivated here in West Hollywood for nearly 5 years.

As you enter the space, you’ll feel your shoulders begin to drop a little lower, and your nerves soften.  The sessions will begin with foot reflexology to help you ground and root deeper through your body and from there, journey around your body bringing it into alignment, ease, and fluid breath.

What are the logistics?

  • $125/hr  $175/90min
  • 24hrs+ cancellation policy

The work has been featured in Variety, Daily Candy, Splendora, Allure’s “Best Of” Directory, Lucky Magazine, and MTV’s Undefeated, among others.

To schedule your first session, call (310) 922-4890.


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