Wednesday, December 23, 2009

30 Days + of Gratitude ~ Day 16

1. I'm grateful today for the power of Faith. Like my garden, the more attention and nurturing I give it, the stronger it grows...and in turn, the more fuel I have with which to nurture it ever deeper.

2. I'm grateful for my Vita Mix's like a blender on steroids...most days I make an live smoothie made of some type of dark greens like spinach, fresh fruit like bright green Granny Smith apples which are lower in sugar, and fresh purified alkaline water (see #3 for more on this!)

3. I'm grateful for my water purifier/alkalizer. It gives me fresh clean living water without having to put used plastic water bottles into the ground, and needs next to know maintenance....not to mention the money I'm saving.

4. I'm grateful for the space in my schedule that this Holiday season is giving me to take my personal practices deeper than I remember going in the past, to hold a loving steady focus on releasing any and all attachments from the past that no longer serve the Truth of what I am and what I am here to demonstrate through how I walk through life.

5. I am grateful for the new shoots popping up all through my garden...they inspire me to open my heart wider each and every day, and to notice and have appreciation for all of the new growth being birthed within and all around me in the people I know and am meeting.

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