Tuesday, December 29, 2009

30 Days + of Gratitude ~ Day 22

  1. I am grateful for my memory being jogged.  Here I am at Day 22 with this Gratitude Project, and I was so focused on getting to bed for tomorrow's early-morning wake-up-call to drive to New Mexico that I nearly forgot about making today's entry.  This tells me a couple of things...I'm good with discipline around new things in a solid way for at least 20 days until it takes more precision with my focus to carry it further.  I also notice I don't have any judgment about that.  It's just a noticing, and an opportunity I feel for more expansion and embodiment of my intentions.
  2. I am grateful for Steve Ross at Maha Yoga.  Your humor makes room for things to reveal more deeply without getting caught on the edges of egoic seriousness in the midst of a blissful freefall.
  3. I am grateful for toast!  Yes, toast!  I love toast!  I love how it smells while it's cooking, I love watching the butter melt on it, I love how it tastes, and I love how satisfied I feel after I eat it.  There, I said it, I am now and out-of-the-closet toast eater.  I can now eat toast proudly and openly amongst all people, even non-toast-eating-people.
  4. I am grateful for satsumas...these little orange delights are like Santa, they only come once a year...but when they do, they deliver the perfect balance of sweet and sour...and one of the best parts?  They peel sooooo easily that they practically peel themselves!  A little bit of sunshine and vitamin C to boot :)
  5. I am grateful for Shri Kundalini Shakti!  She reveals and reveals and reveals...it just keeps going deeper!

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