Thursday, December 17, 2009

30 Days + of Gratitude ~ Day 9

  1. I'm grateful for the deeper spiritual strength being awakened in me, through Grace, to release all attachments to the past.  I have committed to the discipline around this, and promise to keep bringing fun, imagination, and curiosity to the process.
  2. I'm grateful for the good friend who gifted me a French Cooking series at the New School of Cooking starting in mid-January.  It's part of my Cross-Training plan, and I love to cook for friends, so this'll help me expand my range and depth.
  3. I'm grateful to have dropped off all the donations at the Jeff Griffith Youth Center (part of the West Hollywood Gay & Lesbian Center) which gives these clothes to homeless gay kids they're helping to build lives of full-expression.  Going to the center and meeting some of the kids = huge bonus :)
  4. I'm grateful for all of the music in my life.  It's mind-blowing how quickly a song, a note, a voice can immediately shift my experience of nearly anything and everything.  Big love to all of you courageous enough to make your music and share it with anyone who'll listen.  Right now, the change-makers on heavy rotation on my iPod ~ Dave Matthews, Tiesto, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Michael Jackson, and Krishna Das.
  5. I'm grateful to David Elliott for saying "Yes" over and over again, ever deeper.  Thank you for being present with every step and letting it be seen, heard, and felt.  I love you...

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