Tuesday, December 22, 2009

30 Days + of Gratitude ~ Day 14

1. I'm grateful for my Apple Care warantees. This morning when I went to wake up my MacBook, the screen stayed black. Thanks to apple care, the needed parts are on order and it'll be up and running better than ever very soon!!

2. I'm grateful for the Trust I'm deepening around recognizing and expressing truth....my truth, the truth of a situation, and the Presence of Truth itSelf.

3. I'm grateful for Peter's burritos at the West Hollywood Whole Foods...he puts a lot of love and care into my food, and my body and heart recognize it! Plus they're super tasty!!

4. I'm grateful for the power of repetition in the things I'm practiing. With each repetition, my awareness around the practice deepens, guiding my approach to the next practice period.

5. I'm grateful for the massive power in cleaning. I've been cleaning my home and all the crevices and corners for days now....this deep deep cleaning I helping me to release old attachments to the past that had the power to take me out of the present.

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