Tuesday, December 15, 2009

30 Days + of Gratitude ~ Day 7

  1. I'm grateful for my friend and Tattoo Artist, Damon Meuli at True Tattoo on Cahuenga in Hollywood.  Every sitting with him is the experience of passing through new territory within myself, and on the other side is more of the brilliant art he so passionately and skillful pulls through creation. His abiding self-love, humor, and Kiwi wit are a deep well for anyone willing to open their heart and play big!
  2. I'm grateful for all of the "You Are Loved" artwork from Cafe Gratitude placed all over my house as reminders....entry points every morning, noon, and night into remembrance - remembrance that I am Love itSelf.  
  3. I'm grateful for Swiffers!  Yes, you read that right...Swiffers!  My apartment is mostly uncarpeted...swiffering the floors daily keeps the energy clear and moving in here, and is a simple yet powerful way for me to exchange gratitude back to this great home and all it brings to me.
  4. I'm grateful for the impulse to share...contacts, relationships, ideas, effort, grace.  As a recovering-only-child I have learned to share.  Mom always said it would serve me well in life...thanks Mom! ;)
  5. I'm grateful for all the creative visionaries in my life who happen to be awesome friends as well.  You inspire me to excavate all the best and let shine through even when I'm don't wanna.  Shout outs to the likes of Lori Goldstein, David Elliott, Elena Brower, Pam and Steph Katch, Hugo Cory, Katrina Rivers, Cameron Burgess, Kris Nelson, Adam Garcia, Jai Greenlee, Sarasai Yutuc, Lauri Ashworth, Jenny Miller, Jane & Jimmy Baldwin, and the Writer's Group, to name a few!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Scott. The feeling is mutual, reciprocated, and imbibed.

  2. Kris ~ Absolutely! I'm into what opens up for everyone with this whole notion of 'what you appreciate appreciates'