Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NYS Senate, Equality, and Walking the Talk

News came out about the NYS Senate shooting down legalization of Gay Marriage for New York State today. There's a lot of shock and anger shooting around the world through those invested in this latest outpost to raise the bar on Equality. I get it. I'm gay. And I'm not interested in shock or anger as they're just as likely to breed judgment in me that is aimed at the people who are against Equality.

How would me going into judgment further the cause of equality? How is going into inner division going to lift anyone up from ignorance to a place where giving equal rights to all beings is a natural expression?

The only thing I have to give this world is my state. Everything I think, feel, or do is infused with my state.

As challenging as it may be for me to release judgment around those who would condemn me for living authentically, it's the only path I know. My number one commitment in life is full liberation, moksha. Each time I indulge in my "right" to be angry, there's a cost to me, and a significant amount of effort and time to release all the tendrils of heavy divided ego that it stimulates.

For those of you reading this who were and are invested in the outcomes of the NYS vote, know that I'm not telling you how to be or feel. I'm sharing my choice, my commitment to me and what I'm willing to bring into the world.

The level of awareness that would vote against equality for all only knows judgment and division, and would pull for more of the same from anyone in earshot through negative emotions like anger, fear, and sadness. I'm unwilling to be a puppet for others to magnetize disapproval. I choose Peace. And not idle peace either, peace that moves through my thoughts, words, and actions.

I choose Love. And not love that is limited to those whose actions I approve of, or who give me what I want. Am I perfect with expressing this 100% of the time? Not yet. And I'm willing to keep plugging away at it, releasing any and all resentments, judgments, anger, fear, and sadness? Absolutely.

As I find more freedom within, there's more freedom moving through everything with which I'm involved. That is how I see change happening. Freedom is contagious, and so is hate.

So let all my being become infected with the Unconditional Love virus and infect everything/everyone that is willing. the way, homosexuality is not contagious. By offering the same rights and freedoms to all, you're not going to catch it. But you might just wake up to Love.


  1. This is awesome. I've had essentially the same discussion about not being willing to fight for peace numerous times recently with people in my life and I can only hope my expression to them was as clean and clear and truly carrying the energy of peace as yours does here.

  2. @David ~ Thank you brother! Where there's true neutrality, boundaries can be set that may 'look' to another like 'fighting' for peace, but really aren't. It's subtle for me sometimes to recognize the difference within...sometimes only recognizable at first through a tiny body sensation...some feeling of a 'gripping', however slight