Saturday, December 19, 2009

30 Days + of Gratitude ~ Day 11

  1. I'm grateful to Linda Casto for inviting me to my first performance of the Gay Men's Chorus.  They did this awesome and hilarious rendition of the Nutcracker (though I haven't ever seen the Nutcracker).  Got me in the Holiday spirit...
  2. I'm grateful for the nectar still flowing through my Heart from chanting with Steve Ross at Maha Yoga tonight.
  3. I'm grateful for this week of warm, sunny weather.  While I have a whole romantic relationship to colder weather, everything softens more in me in warmer weather.  
  4. I'm grateful for friendships that weather time, storms, relationship changes, and so so many things...revealing the profound love and joy we share between us.  You all know who you are, thank you!  Some of you might not...yet ;)
  5. I'm grateful for confidence.  Not that it's ever a done deal, always expanding, a deep expression of Trust itself....nonetheless, uber grateful for the palpable depth I keep seeing in my own.

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