Saturday, December 12, 2009

30 Days + of Gratitude ~ Day 4

  1. I'm grateful for my Twitter feed.  Nearly every day, at least one tweet or more gives me a new perspective on something; a fresh point of view.  Of course I'm following people that are more likely to post that kind of thing...and I'm still deeply grateful for all the Collective Wisdom.
  2. I'm grateful for the West Hollywood Gay & Lesbian Center and all of its private and corporate donors making truly valuable services available to people who might not otherwise afford them, like free health screenings.  I decided out of sheer internal integrity and the desire to confirm my sense of health in writing, to get a full battery of STD testing done (truth be told it had been way too long).  The sense of peace I slept with last night was immeasurable. 
  3. I'm grateful for my apartment.  It's warm, inviting, just the right size for my needs, and the moment I walk in the door, each and every time, I feel myself soften deeper into my Heart. (note, there's actually a unit available in my building...a rare occurance...I'm putting it out there for an awesome person or couple to move into that unit)
  4. I'm grateful for the unseen force that keeps encouraging me to turn ever deeper within and viscerally feel my faith through my Heart, this palpable sense of All Is Well...especially when the mind-dragons are doing their best to tell me another story.
  5. I'm grateful for Water and all the lessons it continues to teach me about abundance, exchange, being a conduit, flexing my style between strong and soft based on the needs of the moment, and so much more.  And for a real eye-opener on Water, check out FLOW: For The Love Of Water.


  1. FLOW: For Love of Water!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! guaranteed to change your relationship to water... and none to soon!!!!
    thanks for noting it - love, katrina